Translation Services

Translation is never just word for word replacement. Japanese is a language of nuances. With the common practice of subject omission and the ambiguity of nouns being plural or singular, a lot must be understood by the surrounding context. This is why Japanese is considered to be one of the last languages that can be replaced by machine translation if that day ever comes.

Among our staff are both Japanese and English native speakers. Our view is that languages represent their cultures. Without having native staff to proofread the translated sentences, those sentences would lack the original spirit of message. Sometimes we even have a discussion on how to rewrite sentences to make the original message viable to the translated language culturally. We excel in what we believe in. If you need any translation work between English and Japanese, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can always give you a quote free of charge.

Our Prices

Our translation fees are as follows. The final price will be decided depending on the contents of the original language.

J to E Translation 15-20 yen/word
E to J Translation 15-20 yen/word

Bilingual Business Support

Not just translation of certain documents, but you may need more thorough bilingual business support. Don’t let the language barrier prevent your business from moving forward or expanding into new territory. It is actually not the language part that is challenging, but rather the cultural aspect that is.

We can support your business from holding a conference bilingually, to responding to email messages, to talking over the phone, to visiting clients, and to filing necessary documents. Let us know how you are challenged culturally. We are here to facilitate your business in Japan.